How do I know how many sprinklers I can run from one tap?
Firstly you’ll need to run a flow/pressure test. This is important as it helps establish how many sprinklers you can run on one zone. To do this you will need standard nine litre household bucket. Remove any tap fittings from the tap then turn it on full. Place the bucket under the tap and time how long it takes to fill. Once you know this you can determine how many watering points are required to meet your lawn/garden areas. Grab a calculator and use the following formula to get your answer: 60 seconds (1 minute) divided by the number of seconds it takes to fill the bucket, multiplied by the number of litres in the bucket.

Why does my pump come on when it is not supposed to?
More often than not there is a leak in the pressure line. tIt could be a solenoid valve leaking or if you’re connected to the toilets then one of the toilets may be leaking. Pumps should be fitted with isolating valves (ball valves) because this will help to determine what the problem is.

Why does my irrigation system run when it is not turned on?
Nine times out of 10 there will be some debris or foreign particles in one of your solenoid valves. This stops the valve from shutting off completely which results in your system running when it isn’t on. You should also check and adjust flow control on the solenoid valve.

Can I use my tank/reclaimed water for my irrigation system?
Yes, many householders run this system and it has proved as effective as running off mains water. We suggest using a filter to help remove dirt/debris.

Why does my controller come on at odd times or when it isn’t meant to?
The more common reason is incorrect programming or multiple start times programmed without the resident’s knowledge. Power surges that scramble programming are also a possible cause. It is easily fixed by resetting the controller and reprogramming the system.

Can I save money by installing my own irrigation system?
Yes you can. We can supply a complete D.I.Y solution tailored to suit your individual needs. Mornington Irrigation designs and supplies one-off systems and we happily provide the right advice to help you with your installation.

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