This superior buffalo lawn is a soft broad leaf turf grass that requires minimal maintenance and is drought tolerant which makes for the perfect choice for your home.

Sir Walter has been born and bred for Australian conditions and is a creeping type grass that moves over the surface and makes it easy to edge, unlike other drought tolerant turf grasses that are invasive underground and surface runners.

Sir Walter  is a warm season grass and as such will go dormant and loose colour  over Winter in colder climates. Provided your lawn is well fertilised and looked after during its growing period this is not  problem if you are in the colder climate areas.

Normally we can expect to see the discolouration between July  to September but this will depend on the seasons and how cold the weather is.

If you are in a  frosts prone area for example you will experience a longer dormancy period than a beachside suburb.

The upside to  these Warm Season grasses is that they are very hard wearing and do like the heat and will use 2- 3 times less water during peak heat periods than Cool Season grasses.