Mornington Irrigation offers a complete project service for irrigation and water reticulation – landscaping design, installation of the watering system, turf supply, garden lighting, pumps, ponds and water features.


Mornington Irrigation will service your irrigation system and maintain its efficient operation. If necessary, we will advise on replacement parts. Also, we service garden lighting systems, pumps and water features.


Our experienced installation team at Mornington Irrigation will explain your basic requirements, then install your irrigation system quickly and hassle free, based on your wishes and requirements. We can design and install any system from domestic to commercial projects like sports grounds and golf courses. Also, as we said, we arrange installation of instant turf, garden lighting and water features.

Call now with any questions or for a free quote. Take advantage of our free design service.

We will help you with supply and installation of:
– Agricultural, mining, commercial, industrial and domestic projects,
– Building developments,
– Construction and maintenance solutions
– Dams and bores (small, large, community, private)
– Design and installation solutions,
– Drip systems,
– Effluent systems,
– Golf course reticulation
– Grey water and recycling
– Landscaping Irrigation
– Garden lighting
– Irrigation systems and design
– Market gardens,
– Pumps and pumping (small, large, solar)
– Resorts,
– Rural supplies,
– Turf and seeds
– Water tanks and storage (small and large).

Expert design solutions
Mornington Irrigation guarantees high quality, innovative and practical irrigation systems that fulfil your wishes, needs and lifestyles. Our designs always suit the site and are sympathetic to the surrounding environment.
We design systems that deliver efficient watering and we have the knowledge, experience and technical ability to deliver the ideal watering solution for your property.

Irrigation installation
Mornington Irrigation specialises in design and installation for the domestic, landscaping, agricultural, commercial and leisure irrigation markets. We are committed to providing realistic, economical and high quality irrigation design and equipment packages tailored to individual requirements.

We stock a huge range of domestic irrigation products for a wide range of applications. Mornington Irrigation solutions include drip and spray irrigation systems, hoses, fittings, automatic irrigation systems, pumps, tanks, grey water systems and much more. Check our online shop or phone, email, or visit our showroom.

Our products and services cover all commercial types and sizes of irrigation projects, including factory estates, commercial businesses, residential land, housing developments, cemeteries, sporting/leisure clubs and schools.

Sprinkler to drip conversion
Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigating. While sprinkler systems are around 75-85% efficient, drip systems typically are 90% or higher. What that means is less wasted water and more water saved. Good for the pocket and good for the environment as we protect a valuable natural resource.
Drip irrigation has other benefits that make it useful almost anywhere. Generally it is easier to design and install, can be very inexpensive, and can reduce disease problems associated with high levels of moisture on some plants.


There is a 12-month repair warranty on workmanship combined with a manufacturers’ warranty on products purchased from Mornington Irrigation. Parts purchased by the customer are the responsibility of the customer. Some parts have a manufacture warranty of more than 12 months. Please ask about the terms of the manufacturer warranty.

New and add-on installs:
New or add-on installs have a one-year limited warranty on parts purchased from Mornington Irrigation.

New installations have a one-year limited warranty on parts purchased from Mornington Irrigation. There are different warranties offered by the manufacturers. Please ask about any manufacturer warranty.